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Your Thoughts Become Things

Did you know that on any given day 60,000 different thoughts will run around your brain…

So what you think about you bring about, so what are you constantly thinking about?

Are you thinking about negative things, events and outcomes or are you thinking about positive things, events and outcomes?

This is a very important question to ask your self, because everything you have in your life right now good or bad has all manifested from your thoughts, feelings and emotions..

Now I know what you may be thinking, well if that’s true then what about all these other things that I have received or done that I didn’t think about…

Which is a good point and one that I thought of myself so let me try to explain this to you, think of your GPS in your car okay and let’s just say that your headed to Florida for vacation…

The first thing you do is what… You enter in your destination, you let the GPS know where it is that you want to go and end up.. See the GPS already knows where your at and all it cares about is where you want to go, so it’s your job to let the GPS know that that is..
After you enter the destination into the GPS, you press set as destination, put the car in drive and go and now the GPS will do it’s job and guide you to your final destination… Now everything that happens along the way going to your destination whether you thought about them or not, were brought into your life for a reason and again the reason or the how to is not your job, your job is to simply keep moving towards your destination… So that happy couple or that nice restaurant you happen to stop at, the nice attendant at the gas station, the not so happy person that cut you off, all these things and events you didn’t think but they happened for one reason or another getting you to your final destination..

Now even with positive thoughts, with affirmations and visualizing all the things that you want, your going to have some contradicting thoughts that also seem to just pop into your head, for example let’s say that your visualizing yourself living in your dream home and then later you catch yourself thinking there is no way on earth that you will ever be able to afford that house as you have a hard enough time paying for the crappy one you live in now…
I want you to know that this will happen and its perfectly normal and okay and here’s the secret to that, the thoughts that get the most feelings and emotions are the ones that manifest, they are the ones that become things… So the secret is whichever thought that you have a stronger feeling and emotional reaction too is the one that will be created…

I want to introduce you to T Harv Ekers formula T + F + A = R and I will leave a link at the bottom of this episode for you pick up his book The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind..
Lets break down this formula, T stands for your Thoughts, F stands for your Feelings, A stands for your Actions and R is your results… So your Thoughts, create your Feelings, which your feelings leads to your Actions and your actions create your results…

What this means is if your not happy with your current results then in order for you to change them, you will first need to change your thoughts, your inner world creates your outer world and in his book he takes this one step further which is your Programming leads to your Thoughts, which leads to your feelings, which leads to your actions which creates your results…

Now that we know our thoughts become things, what can you start doing right now to start attracting the things that you want and to repel the things that you don’t want…

One thing you can start doing right now is visualization and you want to do this 5 minutes a day and no longer and here’s why… See with your mind and visualization anything longer than 5 minutes your mind tends to wander off and just go all over the place which is counterproductive, so 5 minutes max for this exercise…

What to visualize? Now you can choose to create a vision board and hang it up on your wall or you can create a gallery in your phone labeled vision board and you can put pictures of things, places and people that you would like to meet in there that you can look at and visualize yourself doing and accomplishing those goals and dreams on that board or in that gallery and the again the key to manifesting your thoughts has everything to do with the amount of feelings and emotions that you have towards that thing, event or person..

Whatever thought, good or bad that gets the most feelings and emotions towards is the thought that will become that thing, so you really want to be careful how a certain thought makes you feel or act..

Now for my favorite part and that is The Question of The Week and this weeks question is if you could only put one thing up on your vision board that was guaranteed to come into your life what would that one thing be?  Put your answer in the comments below as I would love to hear what that one thing is..

Another Episode in the books, alright… I just want to say that I am so happy and grateful for you and I really appreciate you spending some time with me here today and always remember to smile as it feels good and looks so good on you.  

Until next time, I hope you have an awesome day!

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